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How do I sign up? Back
Due to the popularity of Diddikicks, the majority of our venues have waiting lists. We recommend you add your little one(s) as early as possible.

You can add yourself to a waiting list in three easy steps:

1) Find Your Local Class
2) View class times and locations and select the one best for you.
3) Fill in the sign-up form.

That's it! We will invite you and your little one down for a FREE trial once a space becomes available.


How much does Diddikicks cost? Back
We offer you and your little one a FREE trial at your local stadium.

Followed by £29.99 / month + £29.99 joining fee.
(Includes your kit, football, water bottle, sticker chart, backpack & delivery).

Find Your Local Class.


Where is my nearest venue? Back
We have over 600 local toddler football classes across the North of England. The fastest way of finding your nearest stadium is by visting the find us page.


How old does my toddler need to be? Back
We team our Diddikickers into three age appropriate classes.

To avoid disapointment we recommend you add your little one(s) to one of our waiting lists as early as possible (even before 18 months).
Dids (for children aged 18 Months to 2.5 Years).
Mids (2.5 Years to 3.5 Years).
Bigs (3.5 Years to 5 Years).

Find out more about our classes.


I would like to get in touch about something else. Back

Diddikicks HQ
0161 300 4665


Where am I on the waiting list? Back
Your position on one of our waiting lists is entirely dependant on the individual venues.

Our classes are extremely popular and unfortunately you may have to wait until an existing member moves up to the next class or leaves us.

We recommend you add your little one(s) to a waiting list as early as possible to avoid dissapointment. If you would like to find out exactly where you are on the waiting list and an approximate time frame please contact a member of #TeamDiddi.


How do I cancel? Back
You can provide formal notice of cancellation by filling in a form on our dedicated cancellation page.

Please note that should you wish to re-join in the future there may be a waiting list at your current or other local venue. You will also be subject to any changes in terms and conditions including price increases.


What dates do Diddikicks close? Back
We only close for 5 weeks of every year.

Easter Weekend.
The last 2 weekends in August.
The last 2 weekends in December:

15th – 19th April 2022
20th - 30th August 2022
24th December 2022 – 3rd January 2022

The amount you pay per month takes into account the above closures.
This means the amount you pay doesn't change all year round!