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3y 6m - 5y

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We know that every child is unique, and have learned that children best develop their abilities  when playing with other children of both similar age and ability.  As such we team our diddkicks stars into 3 age defined classes, so that they can develop together. These are:

                                                  As soon as your child is 18 months, they should be more than ready for the diddikicks experience. Classes last 45 minutes and are jam packed with football fun for you and your child, delivered by our superb coaching staff. Nothing too taxing, just fun at your feet!

dids mids

                                                      When your child is ready for our MIDS class, parents can probably start to retreat to the stands for a well earned breather… That’s not to say that support from the 'terraces', as well as the occasional pitch invasion wouldn't be welcome.


                                            By this time, most of our diddikicks stars are happy to go it alone. However, don't be surprised if they coming running for a high five after they've just scored their goal of the season!!!

18m - 2y 6m

2y 6m - 3y 6m

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